Wash Your Food The Nature Way

Be Klear, the vegetable and fruit wash, made with Activated Carbon from Cassava (Natural Ingredients). Ensure your clean and healthy meal for your loved ones.
แม่บีสวมผ้ากันเปื้อนสีส้มลาย MSTR ยืนยิ้ม มือข้างนึงทำท่าโอดค
From the farm to your table, vegetables and fruits have been in contact with many toxic and contaminants which can affect the cleanliness and safety of your food. By using conservative method to wash vegetables and fruits, it is not sufficient to get rid of harmful substances anymore. Mama Be would like to suggest our product, Be Klear, which is supported by the studies from Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University.

Think of washing? Let Be Klear help you

Transform your traditional food preparation into simplicity. Get clean vegetable and fruit the easy way for your peace of mind when serving to your lovely family or customers.


Veggies last 14 days longer

No more throwing vegetables and fruits away because you can't cook them all. Be Klear helps increase your savings and reduce food waste.


Effectively reduce contaminants

With the study from Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, Be Klear provides an effective method to help you get clean vegetables and fruits and help reduce toxic. You can read more about vegetable wash here.


Save your capital

Many restaurant entrepreneurs have to throw tons of vegetables and fruits away each month. Be Klear helps you keep them longer so you can cook them all and increase your profit. Listen to testimonials on how washing vegetable help you save more.


Tastier. Crispier.

You may be surprised when using Be Klear. Not only it can help clean your food but it can also revive wilted vegetables into fresh states (of course, without chemical involved) and also help make them tastier altogether.


Made from natural ingredient

Be Klear is a natural product with zero chemical involved. It is made from Cassava which is turned to an activated carbon, which also means that no additional chemical is released back into natural water after washing.


Promotes local economy

Be Klear purchases Cassava from local farmers which used to be wasted. This helps promote local economy and circulate revenue back into Thailand's economy, following the BCG model.


Safe with FDA, HACCP and GMP

Be Klear is certified with FDA license, HACCP and GMP, which are global standard for food-grade product. You can be certain to get the best in every meal.

Peace of mind in every meal

With trustworthy study from Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, you can find out more in the button below. Or you can start preparing healthy meal with Be Klear today!
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